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Frontend, backend, mobile, or cloud –– the skills you need to round out your team are sourced through NZ Labs.

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Experienced Specialists with Impactful Tech Solutions

We connect our clients with agile IT specialists. Our talent pool spans both mature and emerging technologies.

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Don't Miss Out On...
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About Our Agency

The Belarus Difference

Accessing the best talent pools is critical to the success of your project. However, not all staff augmentation initiatives are created equal. Sourcing exceptional IT talent from Belarus gives you an edge over the competition.

Companies are evaluating their outsourcing providers closely these days, and we look at this fact as our unfair advantage. We are confident we can win on talent, value, and hard work. From our first introduction we focus and listen - and invest all our energy on meeting our client’s needs and exceeding their expectations. It’s not only the right thing to do, but it is the best way for our clients and us to benefit together.
Chris Hugill
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The World is Your Workforce

Why Choose NZ Labs?

In a world where IT has a reputation for being stilted, we're proud to be "people people".

There's no secret to our success, just a company-wide commitment to collaboration, mature business processes, and our community.

We only work with the best. In that way, we're kind of like you.

We offer flexible engagements for every project.

Every person in our talent pool upholds the highest standards of professionalism and proficiency.

  • Big Data

  • Data Science

  • Cloud Computing

  • SQL and NoSQL Databases

  • Distributed Systems

Big Data Architects from Belarus

Big Data

Work with Big Data Architects from Belarus
Data Scientists from Belarus

Data Science

Work with Data Scientists from Belarus
Worldclass Cloud Engineers

Cloud Computing

Work with Worldclass Cloud Engineers
NoSQL and SQL Developers

SQL and NoSQL Databases

Work with Top-Level NoSQL and SQL Developers
Distributed Systems Developers

Distributed Systems

Work with Expert Distributed Systems Developers
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Our Process

How We Build Your Team


When you contact us, we start by gaining a deep understanding of your organization's unique obstacles and advantages. With these insights, we find the perfect person to complement your existing team dynamics and technical requirements.


Once we identify the best big data architect for the job, we'll introduce you. If your specifications change for any reason, just let us know.


We offer flexible engagements to ensure we exceed your expectations. With your new data architect by your side, you can implement strategies to take your technology infrastructure to the next level.

Our Story

The Team Behind NZ Labs

NZ Labs is the brainchild of big thinkers from both Belarus and the US. With diversified experience in the data science and app development spheres, partners Chris Hugill and Yury Chetyrko created NZ Labs to eliminate hiring pain points for organizations with advanced technology infrastructures.

Our leadership teams in both the US and Belarus have worked together across three decades to deliver world-class solutions for corporations.

Programmer since childhood. Wrote my first program at 9 years old and still love to code at age 40! Love to do both low-level coding and C-level execution. Co-founded PointSource Belarus and grew it to 100 employees (acquired by Globant NYSE: GLOB). Invented several patented technologies in the area of Big Data. Co-founded Nezaboodka Software and NZ Labs.
Yury Chetyrko
Chris Hugill - NZ Labs Founder
Chris Hugill
Yury Chetyrko - NZ Labs Founder
Yury Chetyrko