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Alleviate skill shortages, accelerate response times, and increase performance without the costs or risks.

Big Data

Big Data

We know how to turn Big Data into Big Value. Founders of NZ Labs have numerous patented inventions in the area of Big Data that radically improve productivity of data management.

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Data Science

Data Science

We help your clients to analyse big amounts of data in order to extract valuable insights for better decision making: trends, correlations, anomalies, etc.

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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

We use leading cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure to orchestrate scalable and reliable Big Data solutions (deploy, operate, and maintain).

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SQL and NoSQL Databases

SQL and NoSQL Databases

We help our clients to make sure that their data is properly stored, properly processed, and properly structured.

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Distributed Systems

Distributed Systems

We help our clients to build reliable, scalable, fault tolerant, and high-performance solutions by a mean of clusters of servers, peer-to-peer systems, load-balancing techniques, and parallel computations.

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The Belarus

Accessing the best talent pools is critical to the success of your project. However, not all staff augmentation initiatives are created equal. Sourcing exceptional IT talent from Belarus gives you an edge over the competition.

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  • 01. How are Developers from NZ Labs Different?

    Every developer in our network is vetted for both their technical insights and communication skills. We only take the highest caliber of talent, so you only receive the best possible results.

  • 02. Why Belarus?

    Belarusian technology specialists come from an educational background where programming is on par with literacy.

    Put simply: the best developers and analytical minds are bred in Belarus.

  • 03. How Fast Can I Hire a Developer?

    Our recruitment team strives to match you with the perfect big data architect, data scientist, or cloud computing specialist as fast as possible. Time-saving is one of the most prominent benefits of staff augmentation, and we live up to it. We’ll have talent screened, signed, and integrated with your team in just weeks.

  • 04. How Much Does Your Service Cost?

    Since every client’s needs are different, we can’t offer blanket pricing. For a transparent discussion about pricing, please reach out and tell us a bit about who you are and how we can help you achieve. We promise you will see the value!

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