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Accessing the best talent pools is critical to the success of your project. However, not all staff augmentation initiatives are created equal. Sourcing exceptional IT talent from Belarus gives you an edge over the competition.

Belarus: The New Incubator for IT Innovation

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Belarus: The New Incubator for IT Innovation

When it comes to developers who supply big ideas and bigger results, Belarus sets the industry benchmark. With STEM-education programs to rival the finest in the world, IT interest in Belarus is cultivated early.

Belarusian technology specialists come from an educational background where programming is on par with literacy. Those with IT aptitude are given all the resources they need to thrive and sharpen their abilities.

Put simply: some of the best programmers, developers, engineers, designers, and analytical minds are bred in Belarus.

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Belarus Hi-Tech Park
Belarus HTP

Hi-Tech Park: The Silicon Valley of Eastern Europe

Created in 2005, Hi-Tech park has earned itself high praise from prominent publications such as Forbes, The Wallstreet Journal, and The Financial Times.

In 2021, Hi-Tech park is now Europe’s most established and inventive information outsourcing provider. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, Hi-Tech park enjoys steady expansion, boasting 30-40% labor and revenue growth year to year.

Between 2017 and 2019, HTP cumulatively raised over $700 million in foreign investment. More than 40% of the Hi-Tech park’s residents are companies with foreign shares. Technology specialists and companies residing anywhere in Belarus can register with HTP.

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NZ Labs: The Bridge Between Your Company and Belarus’ Hi-Tech Park

Building your company is hard. Augmenting your team with extraordinary tech talent shouldn’t be.

Add the best developers in the world to your team without bloating your headcount or contending with overhead expenses. NZ labs makes it easy.

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